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Kirkman Road in Orlando, Florida

The Challenge:

Sell a property with unconventional access, failed by 2 previous owners and compete with a similar space available close by.

The Location:

This property located on Kirkman Road in Orlando, Florida is a 5,280 SF restaurant built on 1.5 acres of land.



Proximity & History Issues:

In order to enter the restaurant, you had to walk through the adjacent shopping plaza which was awkward. Therefore, no one showed much interest in purchasing it. Also, despite the attractive layout and style of the restaurant and bar, at least two Mom & Pop restaurants had previously failed at this location. To add to the challenge, at the time, there was a additional restaurant space available in the same area with similar specs.

Quick & Creative Action:

After a few internal meetings, we decided that the ideal client that would be able to overcome these challenges and benefit from this property would be a national restaurant chain. So we quickly begun to market the property to select franchises that would have the resources to either work with the government on resolving the direct access issue, or overcome the issue via the strength of their brand. We then created and launched a strong campaign that presented our client’s property to the right potential buyers.

Positive Results:

  • Create a plan of action
  • Secure multiple offers from nationally-recognized brands
  • Negotiate higher price
  • Property sold to Applebee’s Restaurant
  • Existing equipment sold separately to a third party
  • Client receive more money than expected
  • Another satisfied client

Client Testimonial:

I owned the restaurant and had been unable to lease it or sell it. I was very pleased with Francisco Jaramillo’s handling of the marketing which quickly brought multiple offers to the table from national brands and eventually the sale of the property. He also assisted us through tough negotiations with the buyer which allowed us to sell the property for much more money than we had paid for it just a couple of years earlier.

Rolando Quintero, Happy Client.