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Sell A Commercial Property

We represent sellers of commercial property in identifying the best option for the owner by evaluating the current property and identify the different options owners may have.  If it is the right time to sell, we assist owners through the preparation for sale, listing, marketing and sales through completion of successful sale.  It is not our goal to “just sell your property.” Our main goal is to first assist our clients do a needs analysis to identify if it is the right time to sell or whether holding or considering other options are a better strategy.  We are consultants first and brokers second and excel at both.

Trust what Abraham Lincoln said:

“He [she] who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

We have previously represented experienced Realtors® and owners whose direct family members are Realtors®.  

Things to consider when selling a commercial property:

  • For whom is the listing broker working?  (hint: the seller)
  • For whom is the buyer’s broker working?
  • Is it the right time to sell or is it better to hold?
  • Why am I considering selling?
  • Why is it critical to hire a professional broker with a CCIM designation?
  • What is the right price for my property?
  • How do I prepare my property for a faster sale for a higher price?
  • Do I need to do a pre-inspection?
  • What repairs should I make that will add value?
  • Do I have the necessary contacts such as real estate attorneys, title companies, qualified experts for due diligence, marketers, website developers, photographers ?
  • Do I have the necessary documents and preparation?
  • What is the current demand for my asset type?
  • Where will I put my money once I sell?
  • Can I legally avoid paying capital gains taxes (defer)?
  • What is a 1031 exchange?
  • Does my broker have the necessary network of contacts who can buy my property?
  • What about an auction?