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Advisory Services

Financial Analysis for commercial real estate investment.

  • IRR, NPV, Cap Rates, Capital Accumulation, Annual Growth Rate of Capital.
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Pricing
  • Cycle Analysis
  • Cashflow modeling

Market Analysis

We provide advanced market analysis utilizing “big data” and the most advanced digital tools available to identify critical issues, such as market demand, location facility, and supply-chain strategy.  We utilize this “big data” to Data analytics to assist clients secure their correct store locations including tapestry segmentation to.  Location and site analysis.  Forecast future demand and opportunities for investment.

User Decision Modeling

  • Identify the major decisions concerning the acquisition, holding period, and disposition of space.
  • Calculating the natural break point and amount of percentage rent needed in specific retail lease provisions.
  • Comparing and contrasting the economics of alternative lease/purchase decisions.
  • Calculating the impact of financial reporting requirements and financial ratios on real estate decisions.

Investment Decision Analysis

Calculating and applying taxation concepts and allocations for improvements and land, as well as cost-recovery issues.

  • Understanding relationship between risk and return.
  • Forecasting annual cashflows and sales proceeds after tax
  • Using different options for the capital structure of an investment
  • Compare investment performance using Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and Capital Accumulation


With local market knowledge and statistics, we are able to support our clients’ position in negotiations, resulting in favorable results for our clients.

Broker Opinions of Value

Gap Analysis

Development Approvals and Processes

Marketing Strategies tailored to client

1031 Exchanges