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NNN Investing in Orlando, FL

407 Commercial Real Estate specializes in NNN investing in Orlando. We offer a full range of commercial real estate services that help our clients increase their investment portfolio through commercial property acquisitions while ensuring compliance with 1031 exchange requirements. Our firm serves clients throughout Greater Orlando, including Apopka, Maitland, Ocoee, Winter Park, and Winter Garden, FL.

What is NNN Investing?

In simple terms, NNN investing or triple net leasing is a type of lease where the lessee (tenant) is responsible for paying the associated operating expenses, maintenance, and repairs, in addition to the lease payment. Since the tenant is covering the costs of operating and maintaining the property, it reduces the risk of acquiring commercial real estate, which is why many retail investors prefer NNN investment properties. It is a very common leasing structure, and many retailers, fast food franchises, pharmacies, restaurants, banks, and other commercial properties are single-tenant NNN leases.

Commercial Real Estate in Orlando

The Greater Orlando region is not only the theme park capital of the world, but with a population rapidly approaching 2 million, it is a vibrant and thriving business hub. Although the pandemic reduced demand for office space, the region is quickly bouncing back, opening the door to NNN investment opportunities in an otherwise crowded market.  Major commercial development projects are underway in the downtown area and throughout the Greater Orlando area, opening a window of opportunity to savvy investors.

Finding NNN Investment Properties

Our team of commercial real estate professionals is experienced in NNN investment properties and helps investors find and acquire properties in the Greater Orlando area that match their investment goals while maximizing their return on investment. Our services are customized to meet the needs of each investment client. We represent commercial property buyers through the entire acquisition process, including negotiations, underwriting, environmental studies, and closing. We also provide property management services and help our clients find qualified tenants for their NNN investment properties.

Visit our website or contact us at 407-683-4444 to learn more about NNN investing (triple net lease) and the NNN investment properties available in Orlando, FL.